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Grade 11

General Chemistry Calculation, Atomic Structure

IB Learner Profile Learning Activity
Inquirers Learners conduct an acid-base titration experiment. They examine the unknown acid solution concentration using a known concentration of a basic solution.

Learners investigate the specific colour of a metal using a flame test to check results

Knowledgeable Learners process general calculations, analyse and solve the problem using chemistry formulas
Thinkers Learners use critical thinking skills to explain the reasons for a trend in atomic matters
Communicators Learners explain atomic structures based on their understanding and they learn how to communicate scientific reason using their own words.
Open-Minded Learners recognise the tiny matters that built up this universe.


Grade 12

Oxidation and Reduction Reaction, Organic Chemistry

IB Learner Profile Learning Activity
Inquirers Learners researched the Vitamin C concentration and the energy content in a food as a starting for their Internal Assessment.
Knowledgeable Learners develop knowledge of organic compounds and their organic chemical structure. They identify the names and recognise the different types of organic compound reactions.
Thinkers Learner’s logical thinking is developed through Oxidation and Reduction Reaction since they need to determine which one will be the donor and which one will be the acceptor of electrons.
Reflective Learners started the experiment for the IA (Internal Assessment). They recollect and reflect on what their favourite food is.


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