Indonesia B

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Grade 11

Mass Media Text

IB Learner Profile Learning Activity
Inquirers Learners identify culture in an advertisement and discover new things related to identity. Learners also attempt to develop this profile when conducting interviews by exploring the context and interesting aspects of the interviewees.
Thinkers In identifying and analyzing advertisements, learners demonstrate critical thinking by stating logical reasons, but they still have to develop critical thinking skills so that their analysis is stronger.
Communicators Learners are able to communicate ideas and messages appropriately by understanding the context, audience and goals as a planning map.


On the theme of identity, students find many cultural differences, individual backgrounds including lifestyle. For example in a vegan lifestyle discussions, most of them are not interested in lifestyle, but they can accept differences as long as they respect each other.
Risk-Takers Learners demonstrate that they are capable of working independently when conducting interviews with individuals from the school community. They select sources and develop their own list of questions up to the interview. One of them even did the exercises several times in order that his Indonesian pronunciation might be good during the interview.


Grade 12

Human ingenuity
Sharing the planet
Literary work

IB Learner Profile Learning Activity
Knowledgeable Learners understand the Indonesian cultural context through literary works.
Thinkers Learners analyse two Indonesian literary works.
Communicators Learners express their views clearly and logically when discussing equality. The issue of equality was also raised in the discussion of two Indonesian works “Ca bau kan” and “Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk”.
Open-Minded By analysing the literature, learners discover many different cultural contexts and attempt to understand cultural diversity.


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