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Welcome to Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara

Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara is an Indonesian International school that seeks to provide world-class education from a Christian perspective. We provide an internationally authorized curriculum taught completely in English with all of our English language classes being taught by full-time foreign teachers.

Our Vision

To form future “Pearls of the Nations”, who will be servant leaders expressing God’s love in their country and globally

Our Mission

To create an environment where children enjoy learning and are surrounded with quality education that focuses on the unique aspects of the whole child

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Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara campus is situated in the lush hills of northern Bandung, featuring fun and safe environment, ideal student- teacher ratio, international recognized curriculum, Dynamic teaching team and teacher’s training for continuous Professional Development. Preparing students to form future “Pearls of the nations”

Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara Yearbook

The whole year’s in here – from friends and teachers, you won’t want to forget, to events and organizations you participated in, remember it all with a yearbook.


  • SMN is my second home and I can’t imagine not coming back for the first day of school. I’ve met amazing people here and have been given an abundance of opportunities to develop my soft skills. The IBDP has also helped me become a more open-minded individual.

    Angeline Deborah Gultom
    Business Economics, UC Irvine
  • I feel like SMN has helped me to become a mature, independent and responsible adult. SMN does not solely focus on academic success, but also embeds life lessons and ‘adulting’ along their learning journey.

    Michael William Gumardi
    Master of Nursing Practice, Monash University
  • IB and SMN (delivering lessons in English and ToK & cultural anthropology) allowed me to be more open-minded and as a result, I am now working with people of cultural backgrounds that are different from mine. For instance, Aboriginal Australian children and other Australians. It also helped me in my English language, as I am now teaching ESL students in English.

    Ella Nawawi
    Department of Education Western Australia
  • IB program has changed my life a lot. Through IB I became more mature by learning how to be more responsible and cooperate each other. Eventhough I only attened SMN for two and a half years, but I felt comfortable and enjoyed the school a lot. I think SMN contributed lots of motivation, unforgettable memories, and positive things in my High School life through IB curriculum. I never regret I’ve been taking IB and attending SMN in my life.

    Curtin University Singapore
  • Taking IB hasn’t changed me as much as it has developed me. Throughout my study in SMN, I have developed a greater confidence in myself and in my studies. Studying with a great group of classmates and with great teachers, has helped improved my creativity in many areas of study, and has also given me a set of practical skills that I am able to apply in areas beyond studying. IB wasn’t a piece of cake, but it wasn’t as hard as everyone kept telling me, and I am sure it was due to my teachers, my classmates, and my learning environment as a whole.

    Köln International School of Design Germany
  • There were so much love given by the teachers during my time as a student. We were a small scale group of students going through our IB Program. It was when the IB Program has just started, so the board, staff and teachers working very hard to support us in order to pass our IB Program.
    SMN held various events like Christmas, Harvest Night, and many more involving families, staff and the students and it gave us opportunity to put every student to show their talents. Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara helped me to find a path towards what should I do for a passion and I thank you for that.

    University of Melbourne
  • This program really changed my life and my perspective of studying. In university, students are expected to learn things independently as what I learned in IB as well. It was an unforgettable experience with my friends and teachers! I am really greatful that I was given an opportunity to take IB diploma when I was studying in MNIS and able to take further study to one of the best university in Australia.

    University of Western Australia
  • In my university life, IB has helped me a lot, especially for the assignment and lab reports. I am certainly grateful for taking the IB program rather than the national program in high school, as it helps improving creativity, diligence , and practical skills that are useful in University.

    Moses Yosia
    Curtin University Singapore

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Indonesian international and Christian school that seeks to provide a world class education from a Christian perspective. 

Parent Group

Community Service

Education is not limited to solely what we receive as learners, but it is more deeply learned by what we share. Our influence is not confined to our campus, but beyond us to the watching world no matter how near or far.

Pearl Peace Projects

All students at SMN starting from Kindergarten through to Grade 10 participate in PEACE projects each year. It’s the core of who we are. Ironically, by students’ own admission, they have the most fulfilling fun when they are sharing their life and giving to others.

Creativity, Action, Service

At the core of the IB program is the Creativity, Action, and Service component which aims to engage students in meaningful and transforming life experiences and exchanges.

Parents involved in education

We encourage our parents to be actively involved in their children’s education. Parents are the child’s first and greatest teachers. We also desire to see parents participate in school events, fundraisers, and parent planned activities to maximize both the child’s and the parent’s educational experience at SMN.

Seminars for the community

We do not just ask our students to share what they have learned, but that is our culture for everyone at SMN. Teachers and other professionals also share their areas of expertise, not just with those within the SMN community, but the Indonesian community at large.

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