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The SMN Kindergarten program integrates the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), in order to help learners develop 21st century skills and education that will equip them for their future success. The IEYC sets knowledgeskills and understanding at the very heart of every single component. By providing “Units of Work”, in which children can explore and develop their own personal growth in a context they understand, through different subject focuses of the unit.

The students’ learning is specially designed to enable children to develop both an international perspective as well as reinforcing students’ own cultural heritage. Building on the school core values, the IEYC helps our children to develop learning skills, personal character, values, and the international-mindedness, which will be essential to deal with change throughout their lives.

The IEYC Programme

The Early Years Programme is based on clearly defined learning outcomes. That covers learning in four different strands:

  • Independence and interdependence
  • Communicating
  • Exploring
  • Healthy living

Play is an essential part of children’s learning and general development. The activities undertaken by children aged 4 and 5 will help them work towards the subject, personal and international goals of the International Early Years Curriculum

Discover. Imagine. Dream.

Imagine landing on a distant planet – our senses going wild trying to absorb the fascination of new smells, sights and sounds while observing bizarre creatures and their interactions. This is how a child enters kindergarten. Your child’s journey of discovery starts here. In a loving and supportive environment, children begin learning the building blocks of knowledge and life. Children are individually guided through a holistic development program that will establish their path as an independent, life-long learner.

A world of discovery awaits in Kindergarten.

The Early Childhood Development Program serves children ages 3-5. Through this interactive approach children begin to develop a variety of skills that are foundational for learning and living. Qualified teachers provide a stimulating learning environment that engages students at their individual level and growth. An atmosphere of love and care is felt as soon as you walk into the room.


Key areas of development and focus in these early stages of growth in preparation for life-long learning. are:

  • Character & Spiritual
  • Cognitive & Language
  • Social & Emotional
  • Physical & Spatial

Each child begins their journey learning and discovering in these key areas of development. To enhance the experience, we also add innovative activities such as Dance & Movement, Rhythmic Learning, Constructive Play, and Performing Arts.

Program on PS-KG

Our IEYC Preschool and Kindergarten program serves children ages 3-6. It is a three-year full-day program designed to assist your child in reaching their full potential and successfully transitioning to Grade 1. 

Children will learn practical skills, refine their senses, develop their motor skills, read, write, and develop their mathematical mind of basic counting over the course of three years. 

Each grade level has a homeroom teacher as well as a specialized teachers to complete the students’ education.

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