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Parent Group

Parents involved in education

Parents are the most important teachers in a child’s life.

We encourage our parents to be actively involved in their children’s education. Parents are the child’s first and greatest teachers. We also desire to see parents participate in school events, fundraisers, and parent planned activities to maximize both the child’s and the parent’s educational experience at SMN.
Parent Group


Through our Parents Involved in Education (P.I.E.) volunteer group, we provide opportunities for parents to be involved several ways:

  • With the students through event planning, fundraising, and field trips
  • With the community through the SMN Pearl PEACE Projects and other contacts.
  • With one another through school-sponsored seminars, parental training, personal development, and special interest groups.

Parenting Quotes

  • Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.
  • Kids spell love t-i-m-e.
  • A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.
  • The child provides the power, but the parents have to do the steering.
  • A child, like your stomach, doesn’t need all you can afford to give it.
  • If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them.