Community Service

Education is not limited to solely what we receive as learners, but it is more deeply learned by what we share. Our influence is not confined to our campus, but beyond us to the watching world no matter how near or far. We are part of a community – from a small scale (our family) to being a citizen of the world. God outlines our responsibility as part of this global community in His golden rule – love your neighbor. In the following pages, let’s see how the SMN community seeks to heed this.


Pearl Peace Projects

All students at SMN starting from Kindergarten through to Grade 10 participate in PEACE projects each year. It’s the core of who we are. Ironically, by students’ own admission, they have the most fulfilling fun when they are sharing their life and giving to others.

Creativity, Action, Service

At the core of the IB program is the Creativity, Action, and Service component which aims to engage students in meaningful and transforming life experiences and exchanges.


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