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Introducing the SIS Group of Schools

The Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) Group of Schools is an international award-winning expanding group of 14 Schools with 10 schools in Indonesia (South Jakarta, Kelapa Gading North East Jakarta, Sedayu City, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Semarang, Cilegon, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang and now in Bandung) and 4 schools in wider Asia (South Korea, Myanmar and two Schools in India). SIS Group of Schools has been operating in Indonesia for more than 25 years and currently has well over 4500 students. Every SIS Group school has seen strong growth and several new schools will be opening in the near future under its banner. SIS Group of Schools has received several international awards including from International Finance Corporation (IFC), Financial Times UK and Capital Finance International, London for its transformational work in education.

Strategic partnership with Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara

Today we wish to share some important news that will positively shape the future of the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara and enhance the educational experience we will provide to the students. To take Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara to greater heights, the foundation led by Ibu Jeannie Wargadidjaja and her family have been in extensive discussions for a long time with the management of SIS Group of Schools. Both groups acknowledge that the SIS Group of Schools and the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara share the same passion and vision for education. There are many similarities between the two Groups. The parties agreed that a formal partnership has take place from May 2024. We have reached an agreement and we decided to share this wonderful development with parents, students and staff of Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara.

Why the need of a partnership?

Taking this step is a very natural continuation of Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara’s journey. It represents the commitment of the management of the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara to offer their parent and student community the experience, resources and the expertise of the SIS Group which is one of the most renowned international school groups. The SIS Group of Schools has responded to and adopted the changes in education that have happened in Singapore and around the world by learning from ongoing research into effective approaches to education and student well-being in the 21st century. SIS Group of Schools will ensure good quality control and the growth that is needed to remain sustainable for many years to come. In addition, being part of the SIS group of School network, the students from Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara will now also have the opportunity to interact with the students from the 14 other SIS schools, broadening their life experiences.

What will change?

To open the doors immediately to the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara from May to the extensive network of the SIS Group of Schools, we will need to rebrand the school as SIS Bandung. This will immediately allow Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara access to our educators, thought leaders, and innovative educational practices. It’s essential to clarify that this change isn’t merely a shift in name; it signifies a powerful integration that will enable us to draw from the collective expertise and resources of the SIS Group. This transition aligns with our shared commitment to offering unparalleled education that prepares students to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

There will be no immediate major changes to the various programs run in the School. Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara will continue to follow its curriculum and programs led by its existing leaders and teachers. Ibu Jeannie will continue working as an advisor to the SIS Group of Schools. Students can be reassured that their strong community of friends and teachers will not experience any major or sudden changes. While we understand that the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara name holds significance within this community, we firmly believe that embracing the SIS brand will amplify the global recognition and reputation of this school. We are excited about the endless possibilities this change will bring and the positive impact it will have on our students’ futures.

The transition process

Mr Ryan Krausse from the SIS Group of Schools will lead the transition to “SIS Bandung” in a full time capacity starting immediately. He is a very experienced educator and an excellent leader. SIS Group of Schools and the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara understand that many of the unique features and programs of the Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara will be incorporated into the structure of SIS Group of Schools. Mr Ryan will be consulting with parents and teachers over the next few months and will emphasise listening to their feedback. There will be clear communication about any changes so that this transition feels like a very natural process of evolution for current students and staff.

Facility and resource improvements

SIS will immediately invest significantly in the school’s facilities and parents will see some renovation work commence soon. This will include some facility improvements and optimisation in resources. We will share more details with parents and students as we finalise those plans in the coming months but parents can expect an initial focus on collaborative learning spaces, laboratories Technology Labs and the Multi Purpose Hall.


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